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Salmon with Ramp Pesto {Recipe}

Salmon with Ramp Pesto {Recipe}

Market Recipe/ Salmon topped with Ramp Pesto served on a bed of Arugula Quinoa Salad Dietary Consideration/ Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Low Fat, Low Calorie Wine Pairing/ Chardonnay from California Yes it is (was) that time of year again... the 2 weeks per year that we indulge in spicy, garlicky and sweet sweet culinary gold that is the RAMP. Lets just say this was fantastic and you should make it... best of all its super easy! Use the ramp pesto recipe from last year's post on the ramp and follow the directions below. Click the above link to learn what a ramp is.


Pan Seared Salmon on a bed of Arugula Quinoa Salad topped with Ramp Pesto Serves however many you would like depending on the quantity of ingredients you buy Ingredients/ Ramp Pesto 1 box of quinoa (1 cup uncooked serves 4 people) 1 bag of arugula 1 6oz piece of salmon per person 2 Lemons Salt and Pepper to taste Directions/ Step 1/ Make ramp pesto from my previous post Vegan Ramp Pesto and the Island of Culinary Gold Step 2/ Prepare quinoa according to the instructions on the box Step 3/ Pan sear salmon, 4 minutes per side Step 3/ Pile quinoa and arugula on each plate season with fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper Step 4/ Place cooked salmon on top of the quinoa salad and spread tops of the fish with the pesto and some fresh squeezed lemon juice Step 5/ Serve and Enjoy!

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