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About Shortbread


JENNA SHORT, owner of, formerly worked as a Graphic Designer and Sous Chef at Bon Appétit Magazine, studied Design at the Art Institute of Boston and Culinary Arts at Lorenzo de Medici in Florence. – is a boutique events company that suits challenging palettes by focusing on gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, Kosher, and sugar-free goods – rose out of Jenna’s love of baking and her own special dietary needs (she’s allergic to dairy). She has lived around the world including New York City, Italy, Sweden, England, Tel Aviv and several others, and continues to travel the world in search of the next great meal.

About Jenna Short


I AM a princess that wears hiking boots. I am a world traveler. I love oatmeal and bananas. My husband is my best friend. I practice yoga everyday. I am an old soul. I am a born and raised "Bean-eater". I probably should wear a helmet. My parents think I look like a duck. It's important to be well seasoned, food or otherwise. I prefer to watch the winter Olympics. I start every day with green tea. I live what I love, I love what I do. I was a figure skater for 14 years. I think a good PB & J can solve problems. I have lived in Israel, Italy, London, Sweden, India, Boston & New York City. I am serious but I'm ready to party -oh and any movie with Paul Rudd in it is always a good time. I love getting lost in new cities. Great lyrics make my soul sing. I love hiking, skiing & camping... really anything in snow or dirt.  I believe in love at first sight... but maybe I need glasses? My pot roast would blow your mind. Saturday nights are for art projects. I try to go somewhere I have never been every year. I don't wear high heels... unless you pay for the cab ride. I make up words. Karaoke terrifies me. My hair is my super power. And believe that life is all about the zest.

Website Photography by Helen Norman, Marisa Matluck & Jenna Short

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